“I always wished the global recognition for India’s unique fruit taste. Due to the time when my father was working in agriculture, it was far away from that. Now I am part of that communicational bridge between India and the world in a brand creation for the Indian grapes and developing the field-processes together with farmers for better export conditions”

Dhananjay Joshi, Farmer, Member of

2.5 years of in India India ranks 2nd in the world production of fruits and vegetables, just behind China. The volume of India grapes production takes 8th position in the world, but the export share is only around 2 percent as of 2015. So, there is a high potential to work with Indian farmers on international export requirements. Through our training and access to necessary technical and financial information, we fulfill the main concerns of our Indian partners.

In cooperation with German Federal Ministry of Economic and Development (BMZ) for a develo, we set up the program in India. Individual meetings every week and group training on a quarterly basis with farmers have been conducted to work on solutions in fields. Our cross-country knowledge transfer and network communication give high impact on quality control and process improvements in the field and in the packinghouse.

Higher earnings for farmers Small and marginal farmers with an average land holding of fewer than two hectares constitute 83.29 percent of population of Indian farmers. But in the vicious cycle of production, agriculture has not been profitable for the farmers. The average monthly expenditure among farming household has been estimated at 503 Indian rupees, or 7 euros. For most of the farmers it is hard to invest even the 7 euros, which is a clear sign of poverty.

By integrating smallholder farmers in our value chain, it can generate higher income and better living for the farmers. Our commitment towards the smallholder farmers made us one of the leading exporters in the Sangli region. Over the last three years, we developed a strong relationship with the farmers. Every year new farmers are joining with new energy and enthusiasm.

We started the business relationship with the grape farmers in the 2015-16 season with an export volume of 1 container. Over the years, the number of containers increased drastically and according to the plan will increase up to 75 containers for the next season 2018.

Increased exports have created higher employment opportunities for people in production area, both in the field and packaging house. More than 250 employees are part of the packing house processes. Women empowerment is the prime target in these processes. 70 percent of the employees are female getting a secure job and regular income. It increased the total household income and the living conditions for non-farming population, too.

Over the years, the total production of the farmers involved in the project increased drastically. Though the total production with increase in production area can be pointed out, but the total productivity is also increased at the same time.



Don Limon measures results in better income through higher quality production.

On average, the total export share of grapes in the total production in Sangli (India) under project increased from 68,17 percent in the 2015-16 season to 81,61 percent in 2016-17 season i.e., an increase of 13,44 percent. This is the improvement in the two years of the project implementation. Before the project, the share lies somewhere in the range of 42-45 percent. The increase in the share is a result of the technical and training program to the farmers.


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